Concerts in 2019:

05/01/19 Sa. Berlin / ORWOhaus (with Harmony Dies, Last Bit Of Sanity, Psychaotic)
05/04/19 Fr. Hamburg / Bambi Galore (with Rotten Sound, Implore, 100000 Tonnen Kruppstahl)



Gigs 2018:

08/12/18 Sa. Berlin / KvU (Berlin Grindfest)
15/09/18 Sa. Werkstatt Mücheln (with Bastard Royalty, Napalm Entchen)
10/05/18 Do. Berlin / Tommyhaus (with Massive Assault, Annexation)
19/03/18 Mo. Berlin / Cassiopeia (with Cannabis Corpse, Trash Tape Therapy)

Gigs 2017:

10/11/17 Fr. Emden / Ear Terror Festival
28/10/17 Sa. Dedemsvaart / Café Marktzicht (with Ombre Obscure, Emotie)
14/10/17 Sa. Festung Bitterfeld / Defying Danger Records Label Night
01/10/17 So. Berlin / Bärlin Pedäl Bättl
14/07/17 Fr. Leipzig / D.I.Y. Werkstatt am Wagenplatz Fockestraße
16/06/17 Sa. Hamburg / Bambi Galore (Gutting The Rotten Bambi – Part II)
18/05/17 Sa. Torgau / Grind The Nazi Scum #17
27/01/17 Fr. Berlin / Linse (Spermatic Unicornfarm Fest)

Gigs 2016:

29/10/16 Sa.    Rostock / JAZ @ Grindmania Fest (with Fäulnis, Endseeker, Inner Spirit)
10/08/16   Sa.    Berlin / Eastend (Berlin Deathfest)
07/16/16   Fr.     Berlin / Cortina Bob (with Bastard Grave and Carnal Tomb)
07/08/16   Fr.     Torgau / In Flammen Open Air (with Venom, Brujeria, Deströyer 666, Lock Up … )
05/21/16   Sa.    Greifswald / Klex (with Violent Frustration)
05/06/16   Fr.     Berlin / RECORD RELEASE CONCERT (with Abjured, Jehacktet and Entrails Massacre)
03/11/16   Fr.     Lübeck / VEB Walli (with Schwund & Post Natal Abortion)

Gigs 2015:

09/18/15   Fr.     Berlin / Swamp Fest (with Boiler, Funeral Whore, Voltron)
08/08/15   Sa.    Rostock / Zuckerfabrik (with Cyness)
05/22/15   Fr.     Klex / Greifswald (with NBG, Jehacktet, Tranquillizer)
04/11/15   Sa.    Berlin / ORWOhaus (with Bluthuf, Cerebral Enema, NxBxGx, OxPxSx, Shrike)
03/13/15   Fr.     Cottbus / Muggefug (with Drowned, Fäulnis, Exhale, Ravencult)

Gigs 2014:

12/27/14   Su.    AJZ Bahndamm / Wermelskirchen (with Deathtopia [JP], Kadaverficker)
12/28/14   Sa.    Potse / Berlin (with Deathtopia [JP], Ekranoplan)
11/22/14   Sa.    Rock Am Brink / Netzeband (with Malignant Tumour, Maggots)
04/11/14   Fr.     Abstand / Berlin (with Entrails Massacre, Guyana Deathtape)
02/14/14   Fr.     Zuckerfabrik / Rostock (with Vae Victis, Morbid Exhumation, Instructor)
01/18/14   Sa.    Klex / Greifswald (with Maggot Shoes, Daemonized)
01/17/14   Fr.     Chemnitz / Sanitätsstelle (with Maggot Shoes, Warped Cross, 10.000 km² gegen die Zeit)

Gigs 2013:

11/30/13   Sa.    Trier / Exhaus (with Blockheads, Keitzer, Sanitys Dawn, Ratbomb, Warfuck, Boiler +)
11/29/13   Fr.     Kiel / Pumpe (with Fleischbeschau, Schwund, Post Natal Abortion)
10/19/13   Sa.    The Loch / Enschede (with Serpent Eater, Morbid Mosh Attack)
10/18/13   Fr.     Bambi Galore / Hamburg (with Rato Raro, 100000 Tonnen Kruppstahl, Razor Rape +)
08/23/13   Fr.     CHAOSTRAUM OPEN AIR / Marburg (with Violent Frustration, Mindreaper +)
06/21/13   Fr.     Fete De La Musique at Feuermelder / Berlin (with Dismembers, Avverkad, Voltron)
04/19/13   Sa.    SVJH Ost / Wolfsburg (with Ingrowing, Gutalax, Dissouled, Rapemachine, Demored)
03/30/13   Sa.    Vereinsheim Frankenweide / Stralsund (with Daemonized, Scourging Impurity)
03/29/13   Fr.     VEB / Lübeck (with Daemonized)
02/16/13   Sa.    Linse / Berlin (with Genital Putrefaction, Maggots, Barreleyes, Orphan Playground Sniper)
01/25/13   Fr.     Muggefug / Cottbus (with Rogash, In Demise)

Gigs 2012:

12/22/12   Sa.    Villa / Wedel (with Keitzer, Boiler)
12/21/12   Fr.     K17 / Berlin (with Keitzer, Boiler, Finsterforst +)
11/09/12   Fr.     Werkstatt / Mücheln (with Abjured, Errorizer)
10/27/12   Sa.    Rostock / Alte Zuckerfabrik – „Grindmania Fest“ (with Obscure Mortuary, Fucking Hostil + )
09/15/12   Sa.    Wermelskirchen / NRW Deathfest (with Spawn, Vile, Ingurgitate, Rottenness, Repuked + )
08/31/12   Sa.    Nauen / RFR (with Corvus Corax, Maat + )
07/14/12   Sa.    Trutnov / Obscene Extreme Festival (with Nasum, Demonical, Blood, Dead, Keitzer + )
06/15/12   Fr.     Berlin / The Ace (with Jehacktet, Livstid)
05/19/12   Sa.    Neuruppin / JFZ (with Burning Steel, Maggots, Grinding Cocks)
02/11/12   Sa.    Wismar / Fellfresse (with Jehacktet)
01/21/12   Sa.    Hamburg / Astra Stube – „Metal Fortress“ (with Der Fausmörder)

Gigs 2011:

11/11/11 – Fr.     Berlin / Stromgitarrenfest Part 2 @Hof 23 (with Slytract, Syphor, Volturyon, Demonical)
10/15/11 – Sa.    Großräschen / Burning Blood Fest
——–Grinding Black Europe Tour——–
10/10/11 – Comet (Berlin, Germany) with Exhumed, Cephalic Carnage
10/08/11 – Markt-Wirtschaft (Halle, Germany) with Terror Incognita
10/07/11 – Emil (Zittau, Germany) with Pikodeath
10/06/11 – Music Rock Café (Zvolen, Slovakia)
10/05/11 – Tirish Pub (Banská Bystrica, Slovakia)
10/03/11 – Klub 007 (Praha, Czechia) with Terror Incognita, Bundy Tad
10/01/11 – Klub Baronka (Litomerice, Czechia) with Terror Incognita, Inborned Lycantrophy, Bundy Tad
09/30/11 – Chemiefabrik (Dresden, Germany) with Napalm Entchen
——–Grinding Black Europe Tour——–
09/17/11   Sa.    Tábor, Czechia – Žižkův Vraždící Palcát Fest – XXXIII (with Fleshless, Ancient Necropsy, F.O.B, Gutalax…)
09/03/11   Sa.    Wolfsburg / SVJH Ost (with Gorgasm (US), Defeated Sanity, Amagortis (CH), Kinnara)
09/02/11   Fr.     Hamburg / Bambi Galore (with Inferia (Finland), Attack Of The Mad Axeman)
06/25/11   Sa.    Weimar / Gerberstr.3 (with Tacheless and Ema Camelia)
06/24/11   Fr.    Torgau / Grind The Nazi Scum (with Boiler, Die Sick, Family Man, Filthy Charity (FR), Four Chord Hell, F.U.B.A.R. (NL), Grindbashers (NL), Hell Is Heaven (PL), Keitzer, Krush (NL), Maim (SWE), Massive Assault (NL), Mizar (SK), Obscure Mortuary, Rabies (CZ), Saywhy? (CZ), Schmand, Suffering Mind (PL), Tacheless, Torment Tool, Yacöpsae)
05/21/11   Sa.    Hamburg / Härte 10 Festival (with Pighead, Rotten Abscess, Mutilated Remains, Scumfuck)
04/16/11   Sa.    Grossräschen / Jugendhaus „Alte Post“  Alte Post Massaker
04/09/11   Sa.    Leipzig / Bandhaus   Benefizkonzert „Metal für kranke Kinder“ Metalheads Markkleeberg
03/12/11   Sa.    Berlin / Casiopeia    BLUTSVENTE (with Yacøpsæ, Blood, Boiler, Keitzer, Entrails Massacre, Obscure Mortuary…)

Gigs 2010:

11/17/10    We.  Berlin / K17    with Entrails(S), Goregast, Jehacktet
11/13/10    Sa.   Walsleben / Rock am Brink II
10/02/10    Sa.   Cottbus / Muggefug with Obscure Mortuary …
09/09/10    Th.   Berlin / „Maria am Ostbahnhof“    with Defeated Sanity, Fat Mans War Face, Sinners Bleed, Unsoul, Obscure Mortuary, Harmony Dies, Jehacktet
09/04/10    Sa.   Greifswald
09/03/10    Fr.    Nauen / RFR    with Finntroll, Eisregen, JackHammer, Menhir, Killing Spree …
08/21/10    Sa.   Rostock / Alte Zuckerfabrik    with Obituary
06/26/10    Sa.   Oschersleben / Alge e.v.    with Obscure Mortuary (canceled)
06/11/10    Fr.    Potsdam / Metalkeller „NIL“    with Blackest Dawn
06/04-06/10    Fr.-Su.    Casel / Göritz Gahlen Moscht Open Air    with Sardonic, Common Grave, Dying Humanity, Bastard, Placenta, Commander, Sincarnate, Vargsjel, Far Beyound Innocence, Execution, Pig Head…
05/28-30/10    Fr.-Su.    Stavenhagen / Arsch Cholio Festival    with Rotten Sound, Deranged, Zaunpfahl, Mainpoint, Guyana, Sufferage, OxO 86, Obscure Mortuary, Orth, Boiler, Attack of the mad Axeman…
05/08/10    Sa.   Wismar / Fellfresse    with Bellgrave, Goregast
04/23/10    Fr.    Hamburg / Bambi Galore    with Obscure Mortuary, Enthrallment(BG), Cocklush(BG)
02/25/10    Th.   Rostock / ST-Club    with  Obscure Mortuary, ASR
02/06/10    Sa.   Berlin / Amnesie    with Boiler, Obscure Mortuary
02/05/10    Fr.    Stuttgart / Juha West    with Boiler, Katatonie, Abrasive
01/22/10    Fr.    Greifswald / Kiste    with Obscure Mortuary
01/16/10    Sa.   Frankfurt Oder / Gewölbe    with Secretum, Resistor

Gigs 2009:

11/14/09    Sa.   Walsleben / Scheune (canceled)    with Jehacktet
11/07/09    Sa.   Berlin / K17    with Maggot Shoes, Vilefuck, Secretum, Accion Mutante
11/06/09    Fr.    Cottbus / Muggefug    with Maggot Shoes, Vilefuck, Accion Mutante
11/05/09    Th.   Leipzig / Gieszer    with Vilefuck
11/04/09    We.  Jena / Rosenkeller    with Vilefuck
11/03/09    Tu.   Göttingen / JUZ    with Vilefuck
10/30/09    Fr.    Neuruppin / JFZ    with Action Mutante, Vilefuck (swe), Maggots, Grinding Cocks, Influenza Harlekin
10/09/09    Fr.    Großenhain Conny-Wessmann-Haus    with Goregast, Co:a:lest, Your Dying Truth, Narph
07/12/09    Su.   Berlin / Cassiopeia    with Blood Duster, Goregast, Placenta
07/03/09    Fr.    Packebusch Festival    with Entrails Massacre, Violent Headache, Belching Beet, Accion Mutante, Afgrund, Black Panda, Infäme, M:40, Punished Earth
06/27/09    Sa.   Potsdam / Archiv    with Diseased Ghoul
05/02/09    Sa.   Jena / Altes Gut    with Disimpaled, Fleshless
03/21/09    Sa.   Berlin / ABC Rocks    with Damned Division, Jehacktet, Blutsturz
02/21/09    Sa.   Cottbus / Blutsvente Festival    with Accion Mutante, Androphagous, Belching Beet, Cyness, F.U.B.A.R, Keitzer, Maggot Shoes, Schmand, 7MON, Tinner, Toxic Revulution, Von Bööm, Call Me Betty, Hilary Death

Gigs 2008:

12/06/08    Sa.   Großenhain Conny-Wessmann-Haus     with Napalm Entchen, Braindead
11/28/08    Fr.    Berlin / Køpi    with Rabies Babies
10/31/08    Fr.    Potsdam / Archiv     with Amok Vedar
10/18/08    Sa.   Berlin/Amnesie     with Irate Architect, Phalluskult
10/17/08    Fr.    Hamburg / Störtebeker     with Irate Architect, Worlddownfall
10/03/08    Fr.    Berlin / Knaack     with Graveyard, Spawn, Recapture, Golem
08/23/08    Sa.   Rostock / L AU T Open Air     with mit Rising Terror (fr), Obscure Mortuary (ger), Napalm Entchen (ger)
07/25/08    Sa.   Torgau / GTNS Festival     with mit Afgrund (swe) Mumakil (sui), Entrails Massacre, World Downfall, Tinner (fin) Poostew, Maggot Shoes, Boiler, Cruel Execute, Plüsch
05/30/08    Fr.    Protzen Open Air    with Asphyx, Fleshcrawl, Cliteater, Fleshless, Boiler, Ancient Existence, First Aid, Obscure Mortuary
02/23/08    Sa.   Berlin / Amnesie    with Moder, Diseased Ghoul

Gigs 2007:

12/22/07    Sa.   Berlin/Amnesie    with Maggot Shoes
12/21/07    Fr.    Nürnberg/Kunstverein    with Maggot Shoes
11/10/07    Sa.   Leipzig/Scheddel    with Secretum, Damned Division and Unsoul
10/12/07    Fr.    Rostock/Trafo
with Maggot Shoes, Napalm Entchen, Goregast, Die You(E), Migraine(E)
04/01/07    Su.   Weimar/Gerberstrasse
03/31/07    Sa.   Berlin/K17
03/30/07    Fr.    Rostock/Toxis (+Wojczech)
03/29/07    Th.   Hamburg/Headbangers Ballroom
03/28/07    We.  Schwerte/Rattenloch
03/26/07    Mo.   Braunschweig/D-58
03/25/07    Su.   Mainz/Haus Mainusch
03/24/07    Sa.   Stuttgart/JH Sillenbuch (+Sterbehilfe & Boiler)
03/23/07    Fr.    Nürnberg/Kunstverein
03/22/07    Th.   Chemnitz/B-Hof
02/09/07    Sa.    Rosenkeller / Jena    with Ingrowing und Gomorrha

Gigs 2006:

07/20/06    Th.   MittenDrin / Neuruppin    with Goregast and Bathtub Shitter
07/19/06    We.  Lime / Berlin    with Goregast and Bathtub Shitter
07/18/06    Tu.   Muggefug / Cottbus    with Goregast and Bathtub Shitter
07/15/06    Sa.   Archiv / Potsdam    with Damned Division and Goregast
05/27/06    Sa.   Amnesie / Berlin    with Moder and Paragon Belial
01/06/06    Fr.    Knaack / Berlin    with Thornsbreed and Human Nature

Gigs 2005:

11/11/05    Fr.    Spirale / Berlin    with Requital and Damned Division
11/05/05    Sa.   Rostock    with Fleshless and Inferia
10/29/05    Sa.   Hof23 / Berlin    with Obscure Mortuary, Immured and Diarrhea
08/18/05    Thu.  Magnet    with Ulcer and Unsoul
05/20/05 – 05/22/05    Fr.-Su.    PROTZEN-OPEN-AIR    Manos, Blood, Dazed, Spawn, So Fucking What, Debauchery, The Excrementory Grindfuckers, My Darkest Hate, Disaster-K.F.W.
04/09/05    Sa.   K14    Secretum, Congenital Disease, Dvergir and Akrival
03/04/05.    Fr.   Mad n Crazy    Bonestorm and Feuersturm

Gigs 2004:

12/18/04    Sa.   K17 / Berlin    with Deicide, Arkhon Infaustus(CANCELED!!)
11/27/04    Sa.   JFZ / Neuruppin    with So Fucking What , Succubus, Pentagun
11/26/04    Fr.    Muggefug / Cottbus    with Infecdead , Natan
08/21/04    Sa.   Archiv / Potsdam    with Asparagoth , Aegeshalmar
06/21/04    Mo.   Lime-Club / Berlin    with Disorder, Heavy Tones
06/04/04    Fr.    Kallewerk / Bad Salzungen    with Heavy Tones, Disillusion
02/28/04    Sa.   Labyrinth / Greifswald    with Secretum
01/07/04    We   Knaack Club, Berlin    with Anencephalus, Sinners Bleed, Harmony Dies

Gigs 2003:

12/06/03    Sa.  Scullcrusher / Dresten    with Progeria, Gomorrha
05/23/03    Fr    Protzen Open Air   with Totenmond, Sons of Tarantula, Burning Steel, Rämouns, Autoritär, Succubus
03/01/03         Knaack, Berlin    CANCELED!!

Gigs 2002:

11/30/02        Rock und Metal Zone, Stralsund    with Ars Mortis
09/14/02        Musikbrauerei, Rathenow  with Blood, Harmony Dies, Inmost Dense (techn. US DM)
07/08/02        Garage Pankow, Berlin    with Zimmers Hole
06/28/02        Maxim, Berlin    with Ars Mortis
05/24/02        Protzen Open Air  with Eminenz, Eisregen, Moshquito, Anencephalus, Manos, Hypnos, Gomorrha u.a.
04/06/02        Knaack, Berlin    with Menhir, Drautran
04/05/02        MS Stubnitz, Rostock
02/02/02        Kastanie, Berlin    with Regurgitate, Autoritär, Skrupel